No, I’m not related to Kanye!

Hello! Greetings to whoever is actually interested in reading my blog lol. I’ve never had a blog before or even thought I would ever actually have one of my own, to be honest. I basically will be posting homework and other sorts of crazy things on here. I’m unpredictable so whoo knows what it will be. So I guess you just have to wait and see! Enjoy!

Panel 1



Well, first and foremost this is one of my favorite pictures as a child. Why?! It shows how interesting I am lol. For example, why am I wearing a coat and a hat with no shoes and probably no shirt. So unpredictable. In present day news, I want to study early childhood education, I actually finalized that once I got to Manhattanville. I listen to all types of genre of music, but I prefer Pop and R&B. Favorite movies of all time hands down is…. FINDING NEMO and ALL NICHOLAS SPARKS movies. Pretty cheesy I know oh well! My favorite hobby ever since I started college has been eating and sleeping. Before college, it was watching television or watching movies.